Monday, 6 January 2014

My Verbena bonariensis plants are smothered in goldfinches munching the seed-heads. A beautiful sight and the reason I don't tidy up my garden until the spring.

They are very sociable living in flocks - I count 9 together on one clump of the Verbena - and can migrate to the south of Spain from the UK in colder winters. They love thistle and teasels seeds too, which I have sown before for the birds but they were too thuggish - I know weed them out - sorry birdies! Perhaps I need to sow some again in a part of the garden I don't mind them growing in - perhaps near the compost heap? They are most common in the south of the UK, so I am feeling very blessed to see them in such numbers.

Adult Goldfinch


  1. We get goldfinches in our garden but I haven't seen any for a while - they're all next door feasting on the easy pickings of their bird feeders! :-)

    1. Do you know what seed is in next door's bird feeders Winwick Mum? I'd love to attract these beautiful birds to the garden more often.

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